Mama Tribe Community Supporter Training

  • Two hours of online learning
  • Assessment at the end of each module to consolidate your learning
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Accredited by COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence

$299 AUD (plus GST)

Note: Purchase of this course entitles course access and certification for one person only. Group discounts apply for organisations and health insurers wishing to make this available to their members. To enquire, please contact

Course Overview

Becoming a parent comes with many emotional and mental health challenges – many of which we are not aware of, and are not spoken about openly.

This course equips our Mama Tribe Community Supporters with a sound understanding of the key challenges that can come along the path to parenthood, and increase confidence to identify risk factors and early symptoms of distress and possible mental health conditions.

Dr Nicole Highet shares over 20 years of experience in working within the perinatal field to inform and educate the community and health professionals.

Course learning outcomes

  1. Understand the context of becoming a parent and the range of common stressors that commonly arise.
  2. Provide an understanding of the most common emotional and mental health issues that occur in pregnancy and the first years of parenthood.
  3. Gain an understanding of how we can identify early signs of conditions such and anxiety and depression in ourselves or others in our community.
  4. Equip us with basic tools and strategies to access quality support and or treatments for those in need of support.
  5. Take our knowledge into our community to inform and empower others.

Course timeline

Complete the course at your own pace within six (6) weeks.


This Program has been specifically developed for Mama Tribe Community Supporters and not to be shared with other persons who have not been registered or approved as a Community Supporter. Sharing of content is in breach of the terms of sale/conditions of course provision.

About the Presenter

Dr Nicole Highet is the Founder and Executive Director of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence. Nicole has a Doctorate in clinical psychology, specialising in the management and treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety. Following Nicole has lead the development of national education and training programs and health promotion campaigns across the country, in her role as Deputy CEO at Beyondblue.

In response to the need for a dedicated focus on emotional and mental health in the perinatal period, Nicole established COPE in 2013. In this role Nicole has co-chaired the development of the Australian Clinical Practice Guideline, developed online accredited training programs for frontline health professionals, and developed world-leading innovative screening tools to help identify those at risk.

In developing this Program, Nicole serves to inform and empower parents and community leaders with information and resources to reduce the devastating impacts of emotional and mental health amongst hopeful, expectant and new parents.



<div class="">Welcome to my online training program “Perinatal Loss in Practice: What Hospital Staff need to Know”.</div> <div class="">I am very pleased you have decided to take part in this important educational tool to help support you in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills with respect to Perinatal Loss when caring for bereaved families. I hope you gain a lot from this training.</div> <div class="">Welcome and let’s get started!</div>


Module 2: Understanding Mental Health Conditions

Given the range of adjustments and challenges that can occur at this stage of life, it is not surprising that our risk of developing a mental health problem significantly increases when having a baby. In this module we will look closely into the most common mental health conditions - anxiety and depression. We will consider what makes one person over another, more at risk of developing these conditions in pregnancy and the first year of parenthood. Importantly we will also review how we can identify <em>where</em> and <em>how</em> to access information as well as support and treatment in our community through the e-COPE Directory. Let's get started with Lesson 1 by clicking the '<em><strong>Complete and Continue'</strong></em> ink at the top right of the screen.


Module 3: Getting Help and Helping Others

Welcome to Module 3. In this Module we will provide you with important information about what treatments are safe and effective to manage common mental health conditions.  We will also direct you to where and how to access quality support and treatment either for yourself or others. We will also focus on how we as individuals and as a community, can play an important role in raising awareness and supporting others - including some very helpful strategies. Greater awareness and support strategies can play a key role in reducing stigma and the associated impacts of perinatal mental health conditions within our community. COPE welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you to achieve this mission through our work.


Other Lessons

Lesson 2: Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring many changes – physical, mental, and emotional. Whilst we often focus on the more obvious physical changes, often the other underlying adjustments are not recognised, and may cause and/or contribute to experiencing stress in pregnancy. In this lesson we consider the range of factors that may contribute to feelings of stress in […]

Lesson 3: Birth

Preparing for the birth of your baby is an important step in the journey to parenthood. Often we go into birth with hopes and expectations, and sometimes we may face challenges that were not expected. In this lesson we look at some tips and strategies for preparing for, and recovering from birth. We also listen […]

Lesson 4: The Postnatal Period

Bringing a new baby into the world and becoming a parent brings many changes to our lives – some of which we may have expected, others we may not have. In this lesson we review the wide range of challenges that parents commonly face in the early weeks and months of parenthood. By doing so […]

Lesson 5: Information and support

With the range of changes and challenges that hopeful, expectant and new parents face, it’s important to have access to timely, quality information throughout their journey into parenthood. In this lesson we review the range of excellent free resources that have been developed for expectant and new parents including the Ready to COPE Guide for […]

Module 1: Conclusion and Quiz

This brings us to the end of Module 1 where we focussed upon the range of challenges that hopeful, expectant and new parents may face along their journey to becoming a parent. As discussed, these challenges are many, varied and can impact on our emotional and mental health. It is important to be aware of […]