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One of the greatest challenges for referring health professionals, women and their family members, is being able to identify local services with expertise in perinatal mental health. In response to this need, COPE, with support from the Commonwealth Government of Australia has developed Australia’s first Perinatal Service Directory: The e-COPE Directory.


The e-COPE Directory serves to support consumers and health professionals in accessing timely support and treatment for perinatal mental health problems and associated risk factors.

How to register

To register your service you will need to complete and submit a survey to provide COPE with information about your professional skills and qualifications, and the nature and type of service(s) you provide.

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How the information is used

COPE will assess the provided information pertaining to perinatal mental health expertise to identify whether you are suitably qualified to be listed on the e-COPE Directory. This ultimately serve to inform individuals and referring agencies about your service as a referral pathway to access timely support and treatment.

This survey has two sections:

Part A: Your professional profile – derives information about your professional qualifications, skills and experience in perinatal mental health. Here you will be required to upload supporting documentation to substantiate your qualifications and experience.

Part B: Details of the business entity(ies), site locations, and the nature and types of services you are registered to provide.

We look forward to working with you to increase access to services for expectant and new parents across Australia.

Please note, COPE will be undertaking regular audits to verify details provided, including APHRA registration.

Dr Nicole Highet

COPE Founder & Executive Director