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Pre-Registration | eCOPE Directory Registration and Profile Update

eCOPE is Australia’s first service directory listing professionals with demonstrated expertise in perinatal mental health.

Designed to meet the challenge of finding timely support and treatment for mental health problems and associated risk factors during and after pregnancy, the directory can be used by referring health professionals, women and their families.

The eCOPE Directory has been developed with support from the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

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Please note, our online courses are separate to the eCOPE Directory. To access health professional training courses including Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health or Perinatal Loss in Practice, please click here.

Before you start your registration for the eCOPE Directory

Refer to the Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Matrix

To qualify for registration on the eCOPE Directory, you must be able to demonstrate Intermediate Skills, or Advanced Assessment and Intervention Modules as outlined in the Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Matrix.

View Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Matrix

There are 6 steps to completing a registration:

  1. Select the most appropriate registration type Type (Individual, Organisation, Community supporter)
  2. Create eCOPE Directory account (or log into your existing account to complete your registration)
  3. Complete Form 1: Profile overview
  4. Complete Form 2: Qualifications and Experience in Perinatal Mental Health
  5. Complete Form 3: Business Entities and Clinical Locations
  6. Agree to the eCOPE Directory’s terms and conditions

Allow 15-30 minutes to complete the registration process

If you provide services from multiple locations, allow an extra 5 minutes for each additional site.

Need to pause and return to complete your registration?

Your progress will be saved at the last form you completed. (A form that is only partially completed will not save.)

Have the following documents or items on hand

To help complete the process, we suggest having the following documents or items on hand: 

  • APHRA Registration number (unless you are a social worker)
  • Profile picture (Passport style, JPG only if registering as an individual practitioner
  • Company logo (JPG only) (if registering as a public or private organisation, or community support organisation)
  • A list of your qualifications if possible
  • A list of specific work experience and training (relating to perinatal mental health)

Any incorrect or missing information will result in an application not being successful.

What happens after a completed registration is submitted?

After a registration is submitted, the COPE Clinical team will conduct a comprehensive clinical review and administrative checks. Based on the information provided, the registration will be approved, or not approved. This helps inform individuals and referring agencies about your service as a referral pathway to access timely support and treatment.

This process usually takes up to 5 business days. 

If a registration is approved, the successful applicant(s) will be informed via email. They will also receive a unique registration badge that can be downloaded and shared to promote their services and commitment to perinatal health. 

The individual or the organisation and their services will appear on the eCOPE Directory immediately after being approved. 

If a registration cannot be approved, the COPE Clinical team will reach out via phone or email to request additional information and/or address any errors on the registration forms.

Please note, COPE undertakes regular audits to verify details provided, including APHRA registration.

Need help completing an eCOPE Directory Registration?

Our team is happy to provide assistance throughout the eCOPE Directory registration process. They can be contacted on

We look forward to working with you to increase access to services for expectant and new parents across Australia.

Dr Nicole Highet

COPE Founder & Executive Director