Register for the e-COPE Directory

Are you registering as an individual practitioner or on behalf of a service that provides perinatal mental health support and treatment or a community support organisation connecting parents?

Individual Practitioner

Click here if you are a health professional who is skilled in Perinatal mental health assessment and treatment. When a consumer is referred to your service they will be able to access the specific health professional featured on this directory listing. This registration form is most appropriate for private practitioners (you can list multiple locations).

Public or Private Service/Organisation

Click here if you represent a dedicated Perinatal service or organisation that provides Perinatal Mental Health Assessment and Treatment. Please register here if you have multiple dedicated Perinatal health professionals who represent your service. When a consumer is referred they will be allocated by your service to the most appropriate health professional. This registration form is most appropriate for private and public dedicated Perinatal Mental Health organisations.

Community Support Organisation

Click here if you provide community support which is NOT Perinatal Mental Health Treatment. A consumer can refer themselves to your service for support that is related to the Perinatal context. This registration form is most appropriate for services that offer support as opposed to mental health treatment, for example community and online support groups and programs to strengthen relationships etc.