Find help for Postnatal Depression (PND)

How and where to find help for Postnatal Depression

If you are concerned about how you are feeling and want to find help for postnatal depression, a good starting point is to speak with your GP or maternal and child health nurse. A competent health professional can assist you to understand if you are likely to be experiencing postnatal depression, and provide you with a range of safe and effective referral and treatment options.

If you need to find a new service, you can search for perinatal specific services using the e-COPE directory. Steps to use this directory are outlined below.

If you have tried to speak with your health professional and have not received the response you needed then you can phone PANDA (1300 726 306) and speak through your concerns. They can help you navigate the way forward.

Finding help for postnatal depression on the e-COPE Directory

You can find help for postnatal depression (PND) by using the e-COPE Directory. This free, online register identifies local and accessible services with a special focus and/or expertise in supporting and treating postnatal depression.

To find out more about the e-COPE Directory click here.

To start your search

Refine your search to those for postnatal depression in three simple steps:

Step 1: Selecting the SERVICE TYPE you are looking for

Step 2: Enter the keywords COPE and PND in the keyword search box to refine your search

Step 3: Enter your POSTCODE or SUBURB to find a service in your area.

Note: You can also click on ADVANCED SEARCH to further refine your search. For example you can specify if you only want to see practices that Bulk Bill or have specific facilities (e.g. child care).

Where to start

There is a range of safe and effective treatments for postnatal depression ranging from online therapies and psychological treatments (talking therapies) through to medical treatments which may be provided in an outpatient or inpatient (hospital) setting.

When considering where to start in terms of getting help, it is useful to get a thorough assessment of your current situation and needs. A general practitioner (from the e-COPE directory who has specify interest/training) can assess your emotional state and consider with you which treatments may be most suitable.

If psychological treatment is considered appropriate for you, a GP can develop a Mental Health Care Plan and refer you for psychological treatments under Medicare. A GP will also consider if medication may be beneficial. In some instances it may be necessary to refer you to a mental health medical specialist (psychiatrist) for a specialist consultation and/or ongoing treatment.

There is a range of safe and effective treatments for postnatal depression. The type of treatment that is right for you will depend on a range of factors including your own preferences, your current situation, and the range and severity of your symptomsthat you may be experiencing.

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