Fundraising ideas

Not sure how to raise the money for your jump? Let us count the ways!

1. Share it on your Facebook profile and ask your friends to share your post. Remind everyone that a donation for you goes to COPE to support vulnerable parents.

2. Post updates on your (My Cause) fundraising page regularly.  Share texts, photos or video updates at least once a week.  This will help bring your supporters along on your journey.

3. Ask the parents at school and kinder.

4. Ask your local shops. They may even let you leave a fundraising tin there – with your story on it.

5. Make a video reel. Video Reels are all the hit right now.  Post a video reel of yourslelf explaining why you are passionate about getting behind this cause and jumping for COPE.

6. If you have a Facebook Business Page. Ask other businesses to sponsor you and promise them promotion on your business page in return.

7. Thank your supporters when they donate to your cause. A message of acknowledgement can go a long way.

8. Ask your co-workers, exercise buddies, teammates or friends.

9. If you are in a relationship, ask your partner to share your fundraiser with their colleagues.

10. Ask any of the centres where your kids do activities to include a mention in their newsletter.

11. Ask your hairdresser, beautician.  They may even sponsor you as a business.

12. Ask your school if you can do a fundraising day or host a morning tea, cake stall or sausage sizzle.

13. Set up a Facebook group and invite all your potential donors. Update them with pics of people skydiving, news from MotherJumpers, pics of your fundraising achievements/charity fundraising thermometer (which you can take off your fundraising page) and gentle reminders to donate.

14. Organise a bowling or movie night on a discount day.  Sell tickets to the event and add a little on top for your fundraising.

And most importantly, remind and remind again! Most friends and family intend to donate but actually getting around to it is another story.

Happy jumping!