Module 2: Psychosocial Screening and Assessment

In this module we will cover the what, when, why and how of screening and assessment in the perinatal period.

First will discuss why screening and assessment is an important part of perinatal health care, and provide you with strategies that can be helpful when introducing screening within your setting and with the women in your care (lesson 1). We then focus upon tools and approaches recommended in the National Guideline to screen for symptoms of depression and anxiety (lesson 2) and assess for the presence of psychosocial risk factors (lesson 3). Following we will look at how to respond to screening and assessment (lesson 4) including how addressing any indication of safety issues for the woman and her fetus/infant (lesson 5). We have also included a bonus module focusing on assessment and responding to mother-infant attachment issues (lesson 6).

Tools, scoring guides and resources are included throughout this module, to support best practice in perinatal screening and assessment.

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