Module 3: Referral and Treatment in the Perinatal Period

In this Module we will focus on the steps that follow screening and assessment: referral and treatment.

This will begin with an overview of what the National Guideline tells us about what is effective in the prevention and treatment of the most common conditions – perinatal depression and anxiety (Lesson 1). Following, we review the necessary steps to formulate a management plan and consider referral options for someone in need of a further mental health assessment and treatment of these common conditions (lesson 2). In the final lesson we will review the recommended treatment and management of the more severe mental illnesses and Borderline Personality Disorder (Lesson 3). we will consider the role of healthcare professionals and that of other providers in the management of these conditions in the perinatal period.

Throughout each lesson you will be provided with a range of tools and resources to support you and consumers in the referral, treatment and management of perinatal mental health conditions.

It is important that you complete ALL quiz questions at the end of each lesson and the case studies at the end of the module, in order to receive accreditation and your certificate at the end of the program.

To get started with Module 3, simply click on the 'Complete and Continue' button (top right corner) on your screen.

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