The Mum Drum Episodes – Series 1

  • The Pilot: What is the Mum Drum All About?

    The Mum Drum hosts Amy Felman and Nicole Highet unveil what the Mum Drum is all about. Amy interviews Nicole about the current context of motherhood and why COPE was established to address the range of challenges that modern parents face.

    Viewing time: 15.04m
  • Episode 1: The Mother's Group

    In this episode, seven mothers talk openly about their hopes, expectations and experiences of becoming a mum. Through open and honest conversations, the women discuss the unique challenges they each faced, their reflections and what advice they would give to other hopeful, expectant and new mums.

    Viewing time: 27.50m
  • Episode 2: Our Real Birth Experience

    Rachel Watts, known for her role in Yummy Mummies, talks candidly for the first time about the traumatic birth experience with her first son, Harvey. Rachel and her husband Jayson describe the unplanned events that unfolded at birth, and the profound impact this has had on them. Drawing from their experience, the couple share their advice for others.

    Viewing time: 46.35m
  • Episode 3: Living with Anxiety and Depression - One Coffee at a Time

    In this episode we speak with Renee and Stevie about the range of emotional challenges that they both experienced on their journey to motherhood. They discuss the highs, the lows, and the importance of finding each other and working together to realise their dreams and create a village of support for other mothers at this often challenging, and isolating time of life.

    Viewing time: 42.17m
  • Episode 4: Coping with Postnatal Depression

    In a raw interview with Nia, mum of two, Nia reflects on the range of challenges that she faced on her journey to becoming a mother, and how these are likely to have contributed to her experience of postnatal depression. Nia talks candidly about the lack of awareness that something was wrong, as, like many parents, she thought her experiences were simply part and parcel of 'motherhood'. She openly talks about about her feelings of shame and failure, and how her treatment by health professionals compounded her experience, and delayed help-seeking.

    Viewing time: 29.48
  • Episode 5: The Work-Life Juggle Part 1

    In this episode we talk to mum Evelyn about her experience of coping with the work life-juggle.

    Viewing time: 31.14
  • Episode 6: The Work-Life Juggle Part 2

    In this episode we talk to mum Rosemary about her experience of coping with the work life-juggle.

    Viewing time: 31.26
  • Episode 7: Transitioning to Working Parent

    The show interviews Psychologists Dr Sarah Cotton and Justine Alter about how their program serves to support families and organisations in the transition from a working person to working parent.

    Viewing time: 37:38
  • Episode 8: Relationships and Parenthood

    Nami and Andy, parents of two, talk openly about the range of challenges that they have faced on their path to parenthood. In particular we focus on the impacts of parenthood on their relationship, and how they have battled through the difficult times to come through to the other side - together. The couple talk candidly about the important role that relationship counselling has played in helping them through the difficult patches.

    Viewing time: 40:06