Private hospitals

iCOPE is also available and being efficiently implemented within private obstetric clinics across the country.  The Federal Government has supported the need to increase screening rates through the amendments made to MBS items in November 2017.

This includes a 15% increase to the antenatal screen (MBS 16590), the inclusion of mental health history as an item for a complex birth (MBS 16522) and the introduction of a new postnatal screen (16407).  These changes to the MBS item numbers make iCOPE a cost-effective solution, which is subsidised by the current rebates. 

Importantly, iCOPE will ensure adherence to MBS auditing requirements through systematic inclusion of the recommended screening tools, whilst also providing additional advantages of:

  • Saving time.
  • Privacy for the patient completing a sensitive screen.
  • Instant clinical reporting in line with MBS auditing requirements.
  • Integration with medical patient software systems (e.g. Genie, Clinic to Cloud).
  • Empowering patients with access to personalised reports and further information and referral pathways.  

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