Ready to COPE – How you can support mums and dads

What is Ready to COPE?

Ready to COPE is a free e-newsletter that provides expectant and new parents with timely, relevant information about their emotional and mental wellbeing throughout their pregnancy and first twelve months following the birth of their baby. COPE developed Ready to COPE to help men and women become aware of the range of common challenges that they may encounter in the perinatal period.

Ready to COPE provides insights, comfort and strategies for coping as well as information on when and how to get help if needed. Ready to COPE is a beautifully-designed, digital and sustainable way for parents to learn more about their emotional and mental health. It is completely portable and can be viewed on any device. Every email contains links to getting help, additional fact sheets on the issues addressed and the ability to access all prior emails in the series. It is completely free and confidential.

Importantly, Ready to COPE contains information and links to resources that are underpinned by the Australian Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Practice Guideline. The information is developed to inform and empower consumers and families and support health professionals that make up COPE’s member organisations.

What are the key benefits of Ready to COPE?

Ready to COPE can support women throughout the perinatal period by:

1. Providing the information they need to set realistic expectations for parenthood, including the range of emotional challenges they may face;

2. Empowering and comforting expectant and new parents with non-judgmental information and strategies to help them cope through difficult times and emotions;

3. Educating men and women so they are able to identify possible signs of stress, anxiety or depression in themselves or others, and have an understanding of why, how and when to seek help.

How can people can sign up?

Expectant and new parents can sign up for free by going to To sign up, a person must provide their name, email address, postcode and expected date of delivery (if pregnant) or the date of her baby’s birth (if postnatal). This information is completely confidential.

After signing up, he/she will receive a welcome email, followed by fortnightly emails that correspond to her current perinatal status (emails arrive more frequently in the immediate weeks after baby is born).

How can I promote Ready to COPE in my place of business?

Online communities

To support the uptake of Ready to COPE in your online community community log into the COPE Facebook page and there you will see posts promoting the Ready to COPE guide in our posts.  You can simply share a post with your networks (together with an encouraging comment if you wish), or alternatively you can share the sign-up web page.

Community settings or workplaces

To support the uptake of Ready to COPE in your setting, simply print out one of these downloadable posters and place it in a visible spot in your place of business. Some examples of settings where displaying Ready to COPE posters can help make a difference to the lives of perinatal women include mum & baby classes and playgroups, baby supply stores, community halls and more. Workplaces also provide a great opportunity for expectant and new fathers/partners be be informed about Ready to COPE.

Ready to COPE antenatal posterReady to COPE Postnatal Poster

Download and print posters for your setting

Antenatal poster

Ready to COPE A4 Poster – Pregnancy Image

Postnatal poster

Ready to COPE A4 Poster – Motherhood Image

Ready to COPE A4 Poster – Fatherhood Image

You may also want to inform your staff or community about Ready to COPE in your social media and/or newsletter communications. To do this, you can direct people to to sign up and use any of the following images.

More information is summarised in this Ready to COPE fact sheet.

How can I get in touch about Ready to COPE?

If you have feedback, ideas and suggestions, you can get in touch by emailing us at We will get back to you promptly.