Have you been using our free to Ready to COPE app? Would you like to share your experience in the media as we celebrate its official launch?

COPE is looking for expectant and new parents who are willing to speak on camera, and/or be photographed and interviewed by media as part of the launch of the Ready to COPE app in the first week of June (date TBC.)

Ideally, you will have been using the app for at least two-three months and will be able to talk about the features you’ve found most helpful on your pregnancy and/or postpartum journey.

Please note there is no expectation to share anything related to your emotional and/or mental health unless you feel comfortable to do so and it’s relevant to your experience of the app. (For example, you used the self-screening tools, and they prompted you to seek support.)

To ensure the app reaches as many new and expectant parents as possible, we are seeking mums, dads and non-birthing mothers from around the country for various media opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.