Symptoms of perinatal anxiety

There are many types of anxiety disorders. While the symptoms of perinatal anxiety disorders are different, women who have symptoms of an anxiety disorder may experience:

  • anxiety or fear that interrupts thoughts and interferes with daily tasks
  • panic attacks — outbursts of extreme fear and panic that are overwhelming and feel difficult to bring under control
  • anxiety and worries that keep coming into the woman’s mind and are difficult to stop or control
  • constantly feeling irritable, restless or “on edge”
  • having tense muscles, a “tight” chest and heart palpitations
  • finding it difficult to relax and/or taking a long time to fall asleep at night
  • anxiety or fear that stops the woman going out with her baby
  • anxiety or fear that leads the woman to check on her baby constantly.

The psychosocial question on “worrying” and Questions 3, 4 and 5 of the EPDS reflect some of these symptoms.


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