Fundraising ideas

Not sure how to raise the money for your jump? Let us count the ways!

1. Share it on your FB profile and ask your friends to also do it. Remind everyone that a donation for you goes to COPE to support vulnerable parents.

2. If you have a FB business page, ask other businesses to sponsor you and promise them promotion on your business page, in return

3. Ask your local shops i.e. the milk bar, bakery, butcher you visit. They may even let you leave a fundraising tin there – with your story on it

4. Ask the school/kinder mums

5. Ask your school/kinder to pop a mention in their newsletter for you (don’t forget your Fundraising URL)

6. Use the local press release we will provide you with to send to your local paper/radio station. Don’t forget to follow up on them as the press will rarely get back to you.

7. Ask the people, you work, exercise or do hobbies with.

8. If you are in a relationship, ask your partner to ask their workmates.

9. Ask any of the centres where your kids do activities to include info in their newsletter.

10. Ask your hairdresser, beautician – they may even sponsor you as a business.

11. Ask your school if you can do a fundraising day where you sell icy poles on a hot day to the kids and make a little extra on each sale.

12. Set up a Facebook group and invite all your potential donors. Update them with pics of people skydiving, news from MotherJumpers, pics of your fundraising achievements/charity fundraising thermometer (which you can take off your fundraising page) and gentle reminders to donate.

13. Organise a bowling or movie night on a cheaper/discount day/night, sell tickets to the event and add a little on top for your fundraising.

14. Invite Body Shop at Home, Intimo, Arbonne and many more direct selling companies to attend a ladies night you organise and have a fun shopping/pamper event. Many of these MLM companies offer donations to fundraising for sales made.

15. You could also do the same as point 14 but make it a Christmas shopping event. With Chrissy only just around the corner, your friends could pick up all their Chrissy gifts at a party with MLM companies that sell linen, jewellery, kids books, make up and more.

And most importantly, remind and remind again! Most friends and family intend to donate but actually getting around to it is another story!

A great way to approach it is – ask/remind a couple of times and then send them a message like this:

“Hi! Just checking in to see if you got my messages about my upcoming skydive and possibly donating a little to support COPE? If you have seen the messages but can’t donate – that’s fine, just let me know and I will stop bothering you! If you are going to donate then that would be amazing and you are the best! Either way, thanks for bearing with me.”

Then, if they opt out – I don’t need to harass them anymore. If they don’t then assume it’s okay to continue following up!

Also, make sure not to just rely on FB posts as many people miss these.
Follow up with emails, direct messaging on FB If you have any other great fundraising ideas, let us know – we’d love to add them to this list.

Happy jumping!