News & Media

Journalists or media professionals wishing to inquire about perinatal mental health issues or to seek comment or expert opinion can contact Dr. Nicole Highet at 0438 810 235 or by email.

COPE recognises the critical importance of the media in creating an informed and empowered community that supports women and their families to achieve strong and enduring emotional and mental health during pregnancy and the year following birth.

We believe the media has an important role to play in depicting the realities of pregnancy and motherhood, raising awareness of perinatal mental health conditions, including their prevalence, symptoms and the importance of getting help early and in eradicating the powerful stigmas that currently exist around perinatal mental and emotional health.

COPE’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr Nicole Highet, can provide members of the media with information regarding a range of issues dealing with perinatal emotional and mental health, as well as facts and figures to demonstrate the nature and widespread affects of perinatal mental health conditions.