‘Anything but predictable’: Sophie’s story of infertility

Posted by Ariane Beeston on 21st March 2022

COPE Ambassador Sophie Skipper shares her story of infertility as part of COPE’s The Truth campaign

Our 4 year journey with unexplained infertility was anything but predictable. Being a healthy couple in our 20’s, every test and evaluation came back the same – perfect baby-making machines. Except for the baby making part. Something I really didn’t expect to struggle with was support.

With beautiful friends surrounding us all falling pregnant with ease, I felt so isolated and faulty – like there was something wrong with me, and we might never know what it was or worse still how to fix it. Seeking support from those who had experienced it first hand made the world of difference.

Being able to talk through my emotions and discuss the hardships, highs and more commonly lows of the journey with others who were on a similar journey allowed me to express myself and not feel the need to explain everything I didn’t understand myself or water down my emotions for fear of judgement or guilt for either person.

Infertility can be the most lonely journey, but you are never alone and whilst others might not be able to ‘fix’ it for you, the right support network can make it an entirely different experience.

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