eCOPE Directory Glossary of Terms

Parenting Stage/Status

Planning a family
“Services listed in this section offer support for navigating issues that can arise during the process of planning a family”. These issues may relate to relationships and/or the history or presence of physical or emotional issues (e.g. Conception planning, Infertility, Assisted Fertility and IVF journey challenges, loss of a pregnancy, couple or specific mental health challenges.”

Expecting a baby and birth
Services listed in this section offer support relating to pregnancy. This could be a current or past pregnancy, and could be for the pregnant woman or their partner/support person.

New parents
Services listed in this section offer support for women, men, partners or support person for issues that occur during the postnatal period, generally within 12months of the birth of a baby. However, it is not uncommon for people to experience Perinatal related challenges after 12months. You can contact the service provider to enquire about postnatal services offered beyond 12months of the birth of a baby.

Grief and Loss
Services listed in this section offer support for early or late miscarriage, death in utero, and stillbirth. The impact of a previous loss on planning a pregnancy, or in a current pregnancy can also be well supported by services listed in this section.

Service delivery

Face to face
A service that is provided in a private and confidential setting. This service can occur in a one-to-one or group setting.

Video conferencing
A service that is provided via the use of a Video camera and microphone. There are a number of software platforms that individual practitioners and services use, however the provider must ensure the privacy and confidentiality of these platforms.

Telephone support
A service that is provided over the telephone and does not require the use of a video camera.

Online web (support)
Services that are provided in an online platform, offering advice and support in the transition to parenthood, these services may not be evidence-based and are not intended to provide treatment for mental health conditions.

Online web (treatment)
A service that provides evidence-based psychological treatment via an online platform.

SMS support
A service that provides support or information and connections to online services through a mobile phone.

Home visiting service
A service that visits you, in your home to offer practical and emotional support. Some qualified mental health professionals offer home visiting sessions, and this will be listed in their profile.

Mother and baby hospital
Mother and baby units (MBUs) are specialist psychiatric wards in hospitals, enabling you to be admitted to hospital with your baby. The MBU can give you treatment and support for your mental health problem, while also supporting you in developing parenting skills and bonding with your baby.

Type of Service

Mental Health Professional
Mental health providers are professionals who diagnose mental health conditions and provide treatment. Most have at least a master’s degree or more-advanced education, training and credentials. There are several disciplines  mental health professional including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social workers, Occupational Therapists and Registered Nurses trained in mental health.

For a more detailed explanation of the different types of professionals who provide mental health support and or treatment click here;

Professionally trained and Registered Counsellors
Registered counsellors can help you work through your challenges by talking openly and honestly about your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Those who are registered with the Australian Counselling Association. Professional counselling is a safe and confidential collaboration between qualified counsellors and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding, and resolve identified concerns (PACFA).

Peer/someone with similar lived experience counselling
Peer support is about understanding another’s situation empathically through the shared experience of emotional and psychological pain. Talking with someone who has experiential knowledge can provide support that can only be delivered by others who have directly suffered or been impacted themselves by a similar experience. These counsellors are not necessarily professionally registered or trained.

Community Support
There are a number of voluntary organisations and charities who offer a range of support to families and new parents. Some of these offer online forums and discussions for parents, others arrange get togethers or events that are focused on supporting the mental health of those traversing the parenthood journey.