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The right help for me

There are a range of different types of support and treatments available in the community – the challenge is sometimes knowing which types of help are right for you and most likely to work.

The type of treatment that is right for you will depend on a number of factors including:

  • the nature of your concern
  • your personal history
  • the presence of symptoms, the different types of symptoms you may have and how long they have been present
  • the severity of your symptoms.

Sometimes you may be going through a stressful period, and the opportunity to simply talk openly, honestly and without judgement can provide a huge relief. Some lifestyle changes can also help you to release stress (eg. exercise), give yourself the opportunity to focus on yourself, and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Often however this won’t be enough, and it will be important to access effective treatment for emotional and mental health conditions that you may be experiencing – just as you would seek treatment for mastitis, diabetes or asthma.  But which type of treatment is best for you?

Throughout the pages of this website, we have identified those treatments that have been demonstrated in the research to be the most effective for the treatment of the range of emotional and mental health problems that can occur before and during pregnancy as well as in the first year following birth – taking into account the baby. These treatments are recognised in the Perinatal Clinical Practice Guideline.

Accessing these treatments involves a number of steps, and almost all of these are supported by Medicare.

The sooner you seek advice and help, the greater range of treatment options are likely to be available to you, and the faster you can begin to take control of the symptoms and your situation. Often this may involve a combination of treatments and may also involve parenting support services. It can also take some time to find a health professional that you feel comfortable with and is available. Your GP, obstetrician, midwife or maternal and child family health nurse can be a great starting point to help you to find the best treatment approach, or professional to help you.

Remember finding the right person can take time and energy, and waiting until things get worse will only make this harder. Getting treatment early will  help you to recover faster.