e-Cope Directory: Information for health professionals and service providers

To help consumers and referring health professionals identify timely, appropriately qualified professionals with experience in perinatal entail health, COPE has developed the e-COPE Directory.

Purpose of the e-COPE Directory

COPE frequently receives requests from consumers and referring  professionals and agencies to assist them to identify local services where consumers can receive understanding, support and trusted professional advice for perinatal mental health and related issues.  

In response to this need, the e-COPE directory has been developed to assist in the identification of services that have a special focus on emotional and mental health in pregnancy and following the birth of a baby. Ultimately this will serve to provide a referral infrastructure to underpin screening and referral practice in line with the National Guidelines.

Listed services will be staffed by professionals with  a special interest, knowledge and/or expertise in pre and postnatal emotional health to provide support, treatment and/or management of emotional and mental health problems in the perinatal (ante and postnatal) periods.

What is required to be listed in the e-COPE Directory?

The services listed reflect COPE’s Company Membership comprising of the professional bodies in primary, maternity and mental health care.

In order to qualify for listing, individual health professionals are required to:

  • Have current professional membership with their respective Colleges, and
  • Demonstrate specific training and expertise in perinatal emotional and mental health.

What types of services are listed on the e-COPE Directory?

Currently the Directory is focussed upon identifying services for the treatment and management of common perinatal mental health conditions.  Some services listed will assist for managing mild symptoms (such as online programs and support groups) whilst other services are likely to be required to manage more severe symptoms or conditions (including individual treatment or inpatient hospital care).

How is information structured on the e-COPE Directory?

The e-COPE Directory is designed to derive information to obtain assessment of areas of perinatal mental health expertise specifically.

The e-COPE directory is structured so that consumers and health professions can undertake detailed specific searches for specific conditions.  Currently our areas of focus include high and low prevalence disorders as well as the management of risk factors and perinatal mental conditions that may result from complications.

For each condition or presenting clinical presentation, a range of services are provided including medical, psychological and social support services.


How to register your service on the e-COPE Directory

In order to gain information regarding your service, COPE has developed an online registration form.

Register your service

What happens following the submission of my registration?

On receiving your online registration, COPE will assess submissions for their inclusion.  Those services NOT deemed as having sufficient perinatal expertise may not qualify for inclusion on the e-COPE subdirectory.

Following assessment, you will be contacted by COPE and informed of the outcome of your registration submission.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact info@cope.org.au