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Lesson 1: Preparing for screening and assessment

Lesson Description: In this lesson we will discuss the strong rationale for undertaking universal screening and assessment as recommended in the National Guideline. We will review the barriers that currently exist for both health professionals and consumers, together with facilitators – and discuss how these can be applied to make… Read More

Antenatal fact sheets for women and their families

COPE is committed to providing women and their families with high-quality information about antenatal mental health and has developed a series of information sheets and resources on antenatal mental health for women and their families. These cover antenatal anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder during pregnancy. All… Read More

e-Cope Directory: Information for Health Professionals

To help consumers and referring health professionals identify timely, appropriately qualified professionals with experience in perinatal entail health, COPE has developed the e-COPE Directory. Purpose of the e-COPE Directory COPE frequently receives requests from consumers and referring professionals and agencies to assist them to identify local services where consumers can receive… Read More

Expert Working Group (EWG) and Subcommittee Members

In the development of the 2017 National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline, three expert working groups were established to inform and guide the development of the draft National Guideline. Expert Working Group (EWG) Members of the Expert Working Group were nominated by their respective Colleges to represent their profession… Read More

Identifying those at risk

The perinatal period, including pregnancy and the following year, is a time of great change in a woman’s life and it is common for women to experience a wide range of emotions.  For many women, feelings of worry and stress resolve by themselves.  But, with some women, pregnancy and early… Read More

Our programs

Our programs at COPE involve a range of innovative and exciting developments in perinatal mental health. Our programs include: Review of Australia’s National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) is the Guideline developer for the National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline. The Guideline development has… Read More

Best practice in perinatal care

A key focus of COPE is to support and advise health professionals on best practice surrounding the prevention, detection, treatment and management of perinatal mental health disorders in the perinatal period. All advice on this site is based on high quality research and/or clinical advice from leading perinatal mental health… Read More

About The Mum Drum

The Mum Drum is a series that explores the range of challenges that many mothers (and fathers) experience on their journey to becoming a parent, and being a mum in the early years. We know that pregnancy, birth and the first years of motherhood can bring a range of challenges,… Read More

Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health

Description In this brief introductory module, we provide you with an overview of the COPE online training program developed out of the 2017 National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline: Mental Health in the Perinatal Period: Australian Clinical Practice Guideline. This course is made up of three core modules: An overview of mental… Read More