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Lesson 3: Management of Severe Mental Illness

Lesson Description: In this lesson we will provide you with an overview of the management and treatment of the severe mental illnesses – bipolar disorder, postpartum psychosis and schizophrenia, together with borderline personality disorder (as covered in Module 1). In particular we will review the special considerations surrounding the management… Read More

Lesson 1: Preparing for Screening and Assessment

Lesson Description: In this lesson we will discuss the strong rationale for undertaking universal screening and assessment as recommended in the National Guideline. We will review why screening is important and recommended, especially given that screening is deemed highly acceptable amongst health professionals and health professionals. We will also explore… Read More

Lesson 2: The Importance of Psychoeducation

Lesson Description In this lesson we review the importance of psychoeducation for all parents.  The National Guideline recommends that all parents receive timely education about emotional and mental health as well as information to support healthy lifestyle throughout the perinatal period. Given the increasing demands on health professionals this can… Read More

Healthcare Professional Registration

The 2023 National Guideline is now available Sign up to COPE’s Healthcare Professional Register below to receive a copy of the new Australian Clinical Perinatal Mental Health Guideline, Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period. You’ll also receive additional COPE resources as they become available, including… Read More

Screening & Assessment Tools for Health Professionals

COPE has a range of mental health risk assessment tools and other resources to support health professionals deliver best-practice services, based on the recommendations of the National Guideline for Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period.   National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline The National Guideline for Mental Health Care in… Read More

Identifying those at risk

The perinatal period, including pregnancy and the following year, is a time of great change in a woman’s life. It is a time when it is common for women to experience a wide range of emotions.  For many women, feelings of worry and stress resolve by themselves.  But, with some… Read More

Antenatal fact sheets for women and their families

COPE is committed to providing women and their families with high-quality information about antenatal mental health. As such, COPE has developed a series of antenatal mental health fact sheets – downloadable and printable information sheets and resources on antenatal mental health for women and their families. These fact sheets… Read More

Health Promotion Posters

COPE is committed to working with organisations and the community to raise awareness of the challenges that can arise on the journey to parenthood. Below you will find a series of downloadable posters in Pdf Format, that can be placed across a range of settings. Just choose your setting, state… Read More

“It was horrible” Britney Spears opens up about perinatal depression

Britney Spears has shared that she is expecting her third child – and has opened up a global conversation about depression during pregnancy and the first year of having a baby. In a post to… Read More