Preview Ready to COPE for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men – Prenatal Emails

Welcome: Welcome to Ready to COPE

Email 1 (6 Weeks): Reacting to your big news

Email 2 (7 Weeks): How to help in the early days

Email 3 (8 Weeks): Sadly, miscarriage is more common than you think

Email 4 (10 Weeks): What are you really expecting?

Email 5 (11 Weeks): Hello dad bod

Email 6 (12 Weeks): Culture starts in the womb

Email 7 (14 Weeks): What’s happening?

Email 8 (15 Weeks): What kind of dad do I want to be?

Email 9 (16 Weeks): How do I manage stress?

Email 10 (17 Weeks): A word about drugs and alcohol

Email 11 (18 Weeks): The 20-week scan

Email 12 (20 Weeks): Managing all the advice

Email 13 (21 Weeks): Managing family after birth

Email 14 (22 Weeks): Mental health as a dad

Email 15 (23 Weeks): Taking paternity leave if you are working

Email 16 (25 Weeks): Understanding antenatal anxiety and depression

Email 17 (26 Weeks): Managing anxiety and depression

Email 18 (28 Weeks): It takes a village

Email 19 (30 Weeks): Preparing your relationships for parenthood

Email 20 (31 Weeks): Preparing your family relationships for change

Email 21 (32 Weeks): Preparing for birth

Email 22 (33 Weeks): Your feelings about labour

Email 23 (35 weeks): Your role during labour

Email 24 (36 weeks): When does stress become distress?

Email 25 (37 Weeks): What to expect with your new bub

Email 26 (38 Weeks) Things about your baby that you might not know

Email 27: (39 Weeks): A reminder your baby’s due date is only an estimate

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