Understanding your experience: COPE National Campaign

Posted by Nicole Highet on 27th April 2021

At COPE, we understand that the journey to becoming a parent, or trying to become a parent, can be filled with challenges.  Many of these we were never aware of, or are not spoken about openly. 

COPE is seeking to understand the emotional and mental health impacts of such experiences upon hopeful, expecting and current parents, to inform the development of our national awareness campaign.

The campaign will put the spotlight on these issues, to ensure others do not feel alone in the challenges they may face, but rather are empowered with quality information and access to support and/or treatment. 

Tell us your story

To inform this important work, we are inviting you to complete our online, confidential survey. 

Here, we would like to understand any challenges that you faced when attempting to start a family, during your pregnancy, around the time of birth or in the early years following birth.  These may have been mental health conditions, or other events or circumstances which impacted upon your emotional and/or mental health.  

Want to also be involved in the final campaign?

We also invite you to be part of the development and promotion of the campaign (if you would like to!)  This can involve for example, reviewing and refining specific messages and concepts as they evolve and/or sharing messages that resonate with you throughout your networks. You can also indicate if and how you wish to be involved in sharing your experience as part of the campaign. 

Completing the survey

If you start the survey and wish to come back later, you can simply save your responses (top right of screen) and return later to complete or add to your responses.

We greatly value your unique experiences and contribution to this important work.

With your help, we can work together to raise awareness of the challenges faced, and support the needs of hopeful, expectant and new parents.

Thank you for your interest and support.