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My experience of postpartum psychosis still haunts me – Jess’ story

Jess Sharp, mother of two experienced postpartum psychosis after the birth of her second child.  She tells us her truth about how the impacts of this devastating illness continue to haunt her some fifteen years… Read More

Coming to terms with being unable to have children – Sarah’s story

Sarah Roberts is the founder of The Empty Cradle, a counselling service and supportive community for women who’ve lost the opportunity for motherhood. Sarah shares her story of involuntary childlessness as part of COPE’s #thetruth… Read More

Birth trauma and resulting PTSD – Hannah’s Story

It took 18 months for Hannah to receive a diagnosis of PTSD following her traumatic birth. She’s sharing her story as part of COPE’s The Truth Campaign to help others feel less alone and to… Read More

The living hell of Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Caitlin’s story

Sydney mother of two Caitlin, who is the founder of Hyperemesis Australia, experienced HG with both of her pregnancies.  Here, she shares her story as part of COPE’s The Truth campaign. … Read More

The experience of postpartum psychosis – Jac’s Story

Neither myself nor my family had ever heard of postnatal psychosis. Suffice to say it came as a complete shock when I experienced it! Raising awareness about this potentially devastating condition has become something myself… Read More

The impact of shame and stigma – Nia’s Story

For mother of two Nia, who experienced postnatal depression after the birth of her first baby, shame and stigma prevented her from asking for help when she needed it the most. “… Read More

Relationships in early parenthood – Nami and Andy’s story

The transition to new parenthood came as a shock to Melbourne couple Nami and Andy. The pair are sharing their journey as part of COPE’s The Truth Campaign to shine a light… Read More

The truth behind postnatal rage – Katie’s Story

Katie was shocked at the sheer force of the rage she felt after the birth of her baby, Caleb. While she had experienced postnatal depression after her daughter Abby was born, the anger after… Read More

The truth behind intrusive thoughts – Lara’s Story

ABC journalist Lara Hyams experienced postnatal depression and intrusive thoughts after the birth of her first baby. Now, she’s sharing her story as part of COPE’s The Truth campaign.  I will never forget my… Read More

The truth behind birth trauma – Melissa’s Story

Melissa’s birth didn’t go to plan. Following her experience of a traumatic birth, the impacts were long-lasting. Melissa shares her experience of birth as part of raising awareness of birth trauma as part of #thetruth… Read More