Ready to COPE – FAQs


Below are some frequently asked questions about Ready to COPE.

Should I sign up?

Ready to COPE is written for you if you are a women who is pregnant or had a baby in the last 12 months.

Pregnancy and motherhood is a unique and emotional time in your life. It’s a time of great change – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also the time of life when women are most at risk of developing emotional and mental health conditions. Ready to COPE will empower and comfort you with trustworthy and credible information so you can be prepared for and understand your thoughts and feelings as they arise.

What should I expect?

The Ready to COPE emails will be filled with information about your emotional and mental wellbeing as you travel through the various stages of your pregnancy and/or first year of your baby’s life. The emails will be sent based on your baby’s due date or birth date, so it will be relevant to you when receive it.

Ready to COPE will provide you with:

  • Insights and understanding of the range of emotions you may feel during pregnancy and early motherhood;
  • Useful and practical strategies to support and maintain your emotional wellbeing, including how to get help for yourself or someone you know who may be struggling;
  • Increased awareness of the common mental health conditions during pregnancy and early motherhood; and
  • Personal stories from other women regarding their experience with emotional and mental health challenges during the perinatal period.

Just some of the many topics covered include body image, changing friendships, managing advice and expectations for birth and motherhood, mummy guilt, ante/postnatal depression and anxiety, stress, self-care and shifting identities.

Who is responsible for Ready to COPE’s content?

Ready to COPE is written by Dr. Nicole Highet, the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence. As a Doctor of Psychology specialising in perinatal mental health over the past 20+ years, Nicole is committed to informing and empowering women with timely, quality information.

Importantly, Ready to COPE is underpinned by the Australian National Clinical Guideline, so you know it is evidence-based and trustworthy.

What should I do if things change during my pregnancy?

If you experience miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical termination, stillbirth or newborn death, we are so sorry that your baby has died and we wish you comfort during this difficult time. If you’d like further support, information and education, please visit SANDS or call their support line at 1300 072 637. You can also unsubscribe from Ready to COPE at any time.

If your due date changes or you have your baby early, you can click on “Change or Update Details” at the bottom of the emails and easily update your details accordingly.

How can I easily share Ready to COPE with my friends who are also pregnant or have had a baby?

Sharing Ready to COPE with others is a great idea! You can send them to and they can sign up there easily.

In addition, in every Ready to COPE email you will see “Forward this email to a friend” in the footer of the email. This makes it super easy to pass it on.

How can I get in touch about Ready to COPE?

If you have feedback, ideas and suggestions, or would like to discuss a partnership proposal you can get in touch by emailing us at We will get back to you promptly.