COPE online training

COPE is committed to supporting health professionals to have access to appropriate training.

Training in basic skills in perinatal mental health

A Training Matrix was developed that outlines key components of knowledge and skills required to undertake screening and management of perinatal mental health disorders.  The Matrix reflects expertise required at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, and provides those developing programs with a framework to assist with preparation of courses and curriculum.  The Matrix is also used to inform the development of free online training for health professionals.

Training in Perinatal Loss

COPE in partnership with the Perinatal Loss Centre has developed two online training programs to support health professionals in caring for couples experiencing perinatal loss.

Perinatal Loss: What Hospital Staff Need to Know has been developed specifically for midwives, obstetricians and font-line maternity care providers to support the provision of best practice care.

View course overview.

Perinatal Loss: What Therapists Need to Know has been developed for mental health professionals to provide education about effective interventions in bereavement care for individuals and couples experiencing perinatal loss.

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Future online training

We are currently in the process of developing a series of new online training programs so support health professionals.

The first of these will focus on providing perinatal-specific training for mental health professionals wishing to gain perinatal expertise for the delivery of treatment for individuals and couples in the perinatal period. This Program will become available in early 2020.

To register your interest and be notified once these become available, you can sign up to the COPE Health Professionals Register.