Corporate support

COPE works with organisations to create mutually beneficial partnerships to communicate the objectives of COPE. Corporate support funding is valuable, and there are a number of other ways that organisations can assist COPE in its mission.

Our corporate partnerships vary considerably in size, location and type of organisation, and may assist us through providing us with financial and/or probono support for our work.

Almost all organisations employ mothers, fathers, grandparents or friends of new parents  – so by supporting COPE organisations are also providing support for their employees at the personal level. Furthermore, at the community level, employees have the knowledge that their organisation is supporting important community health initiatives.

Some examples of ways that your organisation can get involved with COPE include:

  • Awareness raising activities
  • Event partnerships   
  •  Hosting a fundraising event or function
  •  Promoting COPE’s website on your organisations website, intranet and in internal communications
  • Pro bono support
  • Corporate funding support.

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