The Truth Campaign

Libby’s Story: “There is a lot of secrecy and stigma around pregnancy loss, so I talk loudly and often.”

Libby Trainor Parker is an author, speaker, MC, radio presenter, health advocate and a proud step and foster mum. She kindly shared her story of infertility & pregnancy loss, as part of COPE’s The… Read More

“The early days of motherhood were so tough.” ~ Lauren Tench

COPE Ambassador Lauren Tench shares her story as part of The Truth Campaign. I struggled to fall pregnant for many years. When I fell pregnant I had really strong pain, so I went to the hospital… Read More

Mental health of mums during the pandemic

A new Australian study has highlighted the impact of the pandemic on perinatal mental health in Australia – particularly for mums in Victoria. “Victoria experienced a rapid increase in cases and additional lockdowns and maternity… Read More

“It was horrible” Britney Spears opens up about perinatal depression

Britney Spears has shared that she is expecting her third child – and has opened up a global conversation about depression during pregnancy and the first year of having a baby. In a post to… Read More

Dana’s Story: ‘The truth is we are not meant to be doing this alone.’

Dana Stephensen, Senior Artist at The Australian Ballet shares her story as part of COPE’s The Truth campaign. Very early on after the birth of my twin girls, I was diagnosed with severe postnatal depression… Read More

‘Anything but predictable’: Sophie’s story of infertility

COPE Ambassador Sophie Skipper shares her story of infertility as part of COPE’s The Truth campaign Our 4 year journey with unexplained infertility was anything but predictable. Being a healthy couple in our 20’s, every… Read More

Postpartum psychosis – A dad’s perspective

Ben Cribb’s daughter, Emily, experienced postpartum psychosis after the birth of her baby. He shares his story as part of COPE’s The Truth Campaign  Somewhere between 1 and 2 women in a 1000 will suffer… Read More

My experience of postpartum psychosis still haunts me – Jess’ story

Jess Sharp, mother of two experienced postpartum psychosis after the birth of her second child.  She tells us her truth about how the impacts of this devastating illness continue to haunt her some fifteen years… Read More

Postnatal rage – Tori’s story

Tori Haschka is the author of ‘Grace Under Pressure’ and a mother of two. She shares her story as part of COPE’s #thetruth campaign  While Grace Under Pressure is fiction, some of… Read More

Coming to terms with being unable to have children – Sarah’s story

Sarah Roberts is the founder of The Empty Cradle, a counselling service and supportive community for women who’ve lost the opportunity for motherhood. Sarah shares her story of involuntary childlessness as part of COPE’s #thetruth… Read More