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Types of antenatal anxiety conditions

There are a number of common symptoms of antenatal anxiety.   These include: 

  • Worrying thoughts that keep coming into your mind, such as worrying that something may be wrong with the baby.
  • Panic attacks, which are outbursts of extreme fear and panic that ‘take over your body’ and feel out of control.  Sometimes this leads people to start avoiding situations for fear it may reoccur.
  • Constantly feeling restless, ‘on edge’ and irritable.
  • Feeling tense in your muscles and tight in your chest.

When reviewing the range of symptoms, some affect us physically (e.g. constant tension, lack of sleep, feeling restless or on edge), others affect us mentally (e.g. having thoughts that something is wrong or something terrible is going to happen).  

These thoughts and feelings can impact on our behaviour (what we do), such as checking to seek reassurance or avoiding people or situations that have made us feel uncomfortable.

Living with the constant symptoms and trying to manage the intrusive, anxious thoughts can be exhausting, so getting more information and help for these conditions is important.