Managing advice from others

Not only are we likely to be constantly forming, adjusting and readjusting our own expectations about parenthood when we have a baby, but there are also the spoken or implied expectations that surround us in our families, networks and community. Hence, managing advice is often an important skill that we need to learn as new parents.

There will be times when we will likely appreciate advice from others including health professionals, family and friends, but also times when it is not wanted, asked for nor appreciated.

I just want her (mum) to respect how we want to parent our baby, but she keeps on harping about the same things, over and over. I know she means well, but it is becoming very stressful.

At times you may feel pressured or that others are being highly critical whilst you are doing your best.  Your sensitivity to this may be high and your tolerance low – especially if you are feeling sleep deprived.

If you are struggling, ask for advice, and if not convinced get another opinion. 

Each and every day, you as parents are spending more time with your baby than anyone else – so trust yourself and your instincts. There are lots of ways to do things – and there is not necessarily always a right or wrong way, but you will work out what is right for you and your baby. Believe in yourself.