Feeling highly emotional

Some women find that they cry more easily after having a baby, and describe feeling miserable, anxious, irritable and overly emotional. You may have ongoing feelings of disappointment if childbirth did not go plan as you had hoped and planned, and feel additionally frustrated and disappointed if you are having problems with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

There may be other background pressures as well such as financial concerns due to reduced incomes or alternatively feeling guilty and sad if you find that you need to return to work. These issues can be further compounded if your baby is unsettled and you feel that you are not able to get the emotional support you need from those around you.

“I felt there was just confusion in my head – I was overwhelmed by the simplest thing – so easily.

At times like this, talking to someone that you trust and feel that you can be open with can be very helpful. Supportive counselling can be very helpful at this time.

It is easy at times like this to start thinking that ‘you are not cut out for motherhood’ but time and patience will get you over these enormous challenges.

Seeking support sooner rather than later can provide a sense of relief and control. Supportive counselling sessions with your partner can also help you both identify ways that you can work together to reduce the stress.